Don't know if I ever will succeed , if I will ever come far..

Don’t know if I ever will succeed , if I will ever come far…
But this seems to me like a nice watch to make for my D5+ .
I’ll definitely will make a beginning…don’t wait up for it for this will be the first one ever for me so I expect it to be a long term project :wink:

Update>> Succeeded , download link :

It looks a very straight forward watchskin… the sub/top dial could be for battery level… I’d like a second hand but you might be different… if you’re lucky you might be able to find a “shared” skin that has a tourbillon that you could copy/use… enjoy your project :slight_smile:

@Martin_Nijhuis ​, hands on work. Even if you do not get in perfection, only work to do is a good reputation. Good work and if you have any issue, we are here to help you.

There might be a few bits in this watch that you can cannibalise :slight_smile:

Update >> Did it…consider please it’s my very first CF…

Based on the Earnshaw 1805
but with own touch, a copy here a paste there .
Other hands …added a second hand.
Don’t know if the battery-hand is pointing correctly.
CSM doesn’t show how it appears on my watch (D5+) and this is by far the most difficult hand to get right.
Thanks to all the watchmakers here (borrowed and learned from them)

Download link:

Wil be fine-tuning later but wanted to show off first :wink:

Download-link updated.

Hello Martin, this looks amazing. I noticed that when I download your link i do not get the same display as your image. I do not have the day of the week and also the date , month and year are not showing up. this is what I get in your download.

@A1_Web please download again. I updated the photo because I changed the CF. If you download again (the newer cf) and replace please show again if it’s OK. If not I must have done something wrong and I’ll take a look first thing tomorrow.

I downloaded it again and still get the old cf. I’ll wait for you to check the link tomorrow.Thanks

Hmmm… I wonder if the D5+ works a bit differently… +A1 Web, which watch have you got?

@A1_Web I have replaced both the file and the download links here .
It should be correct now…please try.
@Andrew_Davis Made it with CSM so it should work on both.
The only thing csm wasn’t showing right was the battery hand.

I tried it on my D5 and my X5 and it doesn’t work on either. I will try again using your link where you used CMS and let you know what happens.

@A1_Web completely remove the old MN1 folder on the watch and replace it with this “new” one the link provides

works fine now, thanks

wow man! This looks so elegant! Very classy choice! Wish I could contribute too! Keep them coming!