Donate link not working

I get the following message:
Sorry about that

Looks like something went wrong on our end.

Try again in a minute or two.

I just tried it and it is working fine on my computer. Cheers, Doons

Still no luck from my end… Suggest you make my donation!:laughing:

I have just it also from phone and working fine . Takes you straight to " paypal " ? .


Yep, it certainly does take you straight to Paypal…oh and @doubledad…please don’t pay any heed to the rumors flying around that this is Tim’s secret drinking slush fund. Even thought it has been revealed (By some heartless Forum member! :wink::laughing:) that Tim is a closet drinker…I have been reliably informed (Thanks @G1NT0N1C! :+1:) that he (Mostly) buys his own booze! :rofl: Cheers, Doons


I finally got it to work by NOT asking to “add my address…”


Great and thankyou for your support . All appreciated :+1:

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