Domino dm368 drivers and update

Hi to everyone.i need help with my new domino dm368. Can somebody show me How install drivers Mediatek and update the smartwatch with I3 or I4 firmware?Thanks.

I am sorry i cannot help you fully but this link may be beneficial to you.
But may i ask what extra features you are hoping to achieve by changing fw to i3 or i4?

Thanks for the answer.
I’ve solved yet. I’ve Read that The I4 firmware increase the battery duration…
Ps. Do you know How it’s possible to have the continuous heart rate monitor 24/7?thanks.

How did you manage to install I4 FW on DM 368, i tried to install and my watch wont boot. Will try I3 on weekend.
I have not been able to achieve HR monitoring with anyother app than the default one. I think the dev should target to improve this feature with graphs and intervals as it is usually complained about.

Install Mediatek usb drivers:

Download firmware:

With sp flash tool flash the firmware. Use this guide:

Installed i3 may FW on DM368 yesterday, its good and now i can use Wiiwatch app on nougat.

whats the deference with Wiiwatch thanks

Firstly its supported on Android Nougat, it has better (not best) connection reliability with watch, you can measure heartrate remotely with app, also it gives accurate steps, calories and distance. But it does not let you select the notifications to be pushed to the watch.