Domino DM368 and DM368 plus Firmware

NEW - Plus version added. 1gb/16gb model. I strongly advise that you do NOT mix them up. PLUS version is clearly labeled

The firmware differences were talked about before - my apologies for not updating all the threads - I have been extremely busy with personal life and sorting out these firmware issues.

Anyway - the bottom line is there are 2 versions for both the Domino and the Lemfo.
One is for the newer model screen which has HEHUI in the build number and one is for the older model screen and does not have HEHUI in the title.
To check which one you need go to settings - About Watch and check down the towards the end of the menu list and see which version you have.
If you have the HEHUI version it will be there in the Build number.
I hope this helps and my apologies for the delay in updating the threads.

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Hello, I’m sorry of my bad English, I’m Brazilian. I need the firmware for my dm368. I flashed a old firmware but the bluetooth has a connection problem.

So - which version do you have ?

Don’t have HEHUI in the build number

Unfortunately I only have the hehui version.
Give me a couple of days and I will see if there is any way to help you.

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No problem, thanks for the help :grin: I will be waiting for your return

You said the system is the same for Domino and Lemfo, which Lemfo is compatible? Then I try to look in other forums on the internet