Does the kospet prime support accessibility service?

Hi there,

I install an app on the kospet prime, which need to be set on as an accessibility service. When first run the app I turn on the accessibility service, but it will turn it off next time. I also try “settings search”, the accessibility service will also turn off automatically.

I doubt the android 7.l.1 on the kospet prime is not full version and doesn’t support the accessibility service.

Could anyone know about it?


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You need to go into the watch settings / more and check the “background cleaner” settings.
You can exclude the app or turn background cleaner off altogether.

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Yes accessibility setting is working on our watches. What’s the app you installed ?


He says its a prime @Eric_Crochemore so I think it must be the back ground cleaner killing the process when the screen goes off…

I understand that the app accessibility service permission is turned off automatically, maybe it’s due to the app cleaner killing the app, but i doubt it. Interesting problem

It’s because you have to install an app to enable it and the app you install is then killed by the background cleaner…

I had the issue before…
Let’s hope it is that simple :+1:

Well, Facebook lite is also frequently removed from background cleaner exception list, and sometimes WhatsApp too …
Can we add them to the list from some automation like Macrodroid ?

Are you saying that these items are removed after a simple reboot or accepting an OTA?

I haven’t found the pattern, but more frequently than OTA, like more times weekly…
For reproduction, it happens most often with Messenger Lite, my impression is daily…
Reboot could be a possibility, as I switch off during night charging.

Hmm, I take that back. Both were good when checking now, so either frequency has changed or 2.6 fixed it.

2.6 is very good I think.
For power consumption it’s very good.
Just a few watch face problems but otherwise excellent.

If the app gets updated, then it will be removed from the cleaner like if it was a new app.

Thank you Eric, that may explain it. I saw quite often updates of Messenger Lite. Perhaps I should set no auto updates, so I can reset options after manual update. :+1:

I exclude the app from the power saver list, and turn off the back cleaner. It seems work.
I will try more times.
Thank you!

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I installed the Kaspersky safe kids on the watch. I will try more times.

Hello, have your Kospet prime’s Accessibility service worked? I am looking a watch that Accessibility service could run.

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It does support Accessibility but may not show all the options in the stock firmware.
It is always better to use a Settings Search app for best results.

However, I am curious…
Are trying to buy a Kospet Prime?
This is just not possible these days because it has been out of production for about 5 years now.
If you are looking at the Kospet Optimus 2, it would be better to ask this question in the Optimus 2 support thread.


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