does anyone know where to find these watchfaces for the finow x3+?

does anyone know where to find these watchfaces for the finow x3+?


I’ve made the face with the green ring… as have other members… but it was a long time ago… have you tried to make it yourself?

I would love to find this face as well, can you please tell me what is it called Nike Samsung from s2 I guess ?

@Andrew_Davis i didn’t, i don’t have time to try, can you please give me the link?

Just googled the face is called simple circles its on facer only have pic on right they say it works on most watches, search Nike Samsung s2

@Chris_Sherratt in what website i can find it?

@Limi_Derjaj its just a shame its not 100%

@Chris_Sherratt how can i download it and put it on my smartwatch?

Did u install the app and setup account, then click red button

@Chris_Sherratt does it work on android watch? Not android wear

You can install @Eric_Crochemore ​ launcher. It will work with .watch files as long as they are not locked.
However, the face is here on the community in regular format. You need to make use of the search function

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 sorry but’ i’m new, how can i search?

Ok - over on the left hand side of this page is a box with SEARCH written - of course you need to be using a PC.
It’s still possible with a phone but I recommend a PC

@Limi_Derjaj I have to admit this is a first but - I hope this picture helps

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 That’s a good idea…
@Limi_Derjaj Time is a precious commodity…

Type, “Samsung S2”… it shouldn’t take too much time…