Does anyone have the contact info for Sinsoft?

Does anyone have the contact info for Sinsoft? I will try to work a deal with them soon.

I have a feeling Jincheng is Sinsoft.

We got some very simple config files but no word on allowing an external resource folder for customers to place their own faces in. @Lokifish_Marz ​ I sent you an email with what we managed to get. But wasn’t direct from sinsoft…

@Andrew_Wang Jincheng as in motorcycles company ?

No, probably some obscure back-end software company called Jincheng in Shenzhen. I will ask around Shenzhen see if anyone knows.

@Andrew_Wang this is the web site of the company behind the software on I2/KW88/Blitz:

Contact details:
Phone: 18820255115 Lee 13,701,871,604 Sun
Fax: 021-54409907
Contact: Lee Sun
Address: Minhang District Wanyuan Road, Shanghai 2 Business Center, third floor

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thank you