Does anyone have firmware for the Domiwear DM100?

Does anyone have firmware for the DM100?
Not LEMFO and not Ticwear. Maybe Domiwear?
I flashed it with a LEMFO firmware, since then there are only flickering spots on the screen. Logging in music can be heard, only normal images are missing …

there’s two versions of the firmware, I guess you have tried the regular one, so you should try the D version instead:

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Otherwise, thank you for your quick response. Good let the end of the day…

It’s much better now. The picture looks just a little striped. The third display version may already be ok.

I have a feeling that you are still using the wrong firmware.

True. I replaced the system.img and logo.bin files from the Ticwris software and now it works perfectly. Thanks again!

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