Do you ever shutdown your watch? Does charging while on ruin the battery?

I’ve been thinking a lot about remote control solutions and I don’t want to shell out $40 for vysor pro. I’m stuck between airmirror (which works with windows subsystem for android) and scrcpy. Airmirror is completely wireless (like vysor pro), but is not very responsive. Scrcpy is amazingly responsive, but is not completely wireless. It just requires a wired connection once per “session”, and the session breaks if the device ever reboots (as in, dies, restarts, or shuts down).

Is it a bad idea to leave my watch charging while not shut down regularly? As in, to never shut it down again? Would this degrade the battery?

To be clear, I don’t plan to use it while it is charging, so the screen is off and it’s not being remoted into, but it’s charging while not shut off completely.

I power off mine during nightly charge, just because I observed it getting hotter if charged while in use.

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Something else to consider. These watches just like a computer need to be recycled on and off again just to refresh the system. In my experience none of them operate effeciently without refreshing them periodically. I also usually charge my watches while off. One it takes longer to charge while on and since, except for my Genesis, you can’t use it on your wrist while charging anyway. I also monitor all charging cycles with an inline volt/amp meter so I know everything is ok with the charging circut. I also never charge my watch overnight but whenever it gets around 15 to 20% battery remaining during the day.


I have an Optimus 2 and is important to wipe the the connectors before charging. Not always but once a month


I keep mine on while charging. But I’ve also charged it when it’s off. Had no problems wither way.
Somewhat unrelated, I do seem to have to wipe the contacts on the watch off about once a week.