Do we really need a dual mode watch

It’s to early and not well implemented, I don’t get it.

No even 600Mah, in the brochure said bigger screen 1.39” , no mention waterproof , ok I like where it’s located the camera, Mic and speaker, she said still in development the dual mode, ok look like rugged watch I do like, but still the same freaking phone watch.
No way Jose

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I just wanted to put my 2¢ in. While I agree that in many cases, dual mode could use some improvements, the fact that it exists at all is kinda cool. While Tickwatch started the trend, more companies are trying it out, and in the case of ZeBlaze, are actually improving it. Is there more room for improvement? Absolutely! Maybe, in the future, Bluetooth LE could be implemented in a way to allow your watch to act as a pass through, kinda like headphones with a mic. You wouldn’t be able to use it to make stand-alone calls, but it would allow you to answer your phone on your watch. In any case, the trend is still new and still developing. Many companies are trying the trend and seeing what works and what doesn’t, while listening to see what consumers like and what they don’t. As time goes on, more options may become available and new battery and smartwatch processor technology will allow more functionality to be included in “essentials mode.

I also want to add that while Apple and Wear OS owners want and expect the best of the tech given to them, full Android owners are more open to paying less for tech that may be more experimental and may not be completely developed. It’s that open acceptance that allows companies to develop those technologies, have them tested by consumers and get feedback on what works and what needs improvement. Consumers also aren’t expected to pay a premium price which, not only allows companies to get their products in more hands allowing more testers and more feedback, but allows for the growth of smartwatch technology overall.


In my opinion way to early to order one . Which is why i havent as yet . Keeping a close eye on the Makibes , Lem9 and Optimus …

yeah i am wandering the same thing,way to early,if they can make it to work like tic watch pro or the casio proteck about the always display would be great, but they are far from this to happen.

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Like I mentioned before, if you are looking for a perfected, polished piece of tech, then yes, it’s too early. However, like with any technological advance, these companies need people to test them and help work out the kinks. If you care more about showing off something new, albeit, not completely perfected(Samsung Galaxy Fold, anyone? Too soon?), Then a Dual Mode watch may be a nice addition to your collection.

The point I’m trying to get at is that a dual mode watch is kind of a niche product, like the Galaxy Fold, but not as expensive. There are those people that have multiple watches and multiple chargers (including backups)that they keep with them at all times and the idea of an essential mode may not be appealing to them. That said, the ideas are cool, but without testers, you won’t find the areas that need to improve. If EVERYONE waits for the finished product to come out, it will take a lot longer and will require significantly more internal testing from the individual companies, rather than from the masses, including reviewers. Maybe some of these companies might consider what Huawei was doing and offer free or severely discounted testers in a review program. You put your name into a tester program and they send you a watch with a form to fill out about a particular aspect of a new feature. Depending on the test, they may either require it back or for your feedback, they may let you keep it. It could also be a condition that keeping the tester may be dependent on the quality of your reviews and how many programs you are involved in. Just an idea. I know a few seasoned designers, including myself, that would love a program like that.


Not as far as im concerned…

Not sure why it should be on if your not going to be looking at it…and with the wrist gesture to open the clockface, nothing that I care about.

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These watches are not going to be suited to everyone - but that’s pretty obvious and has always been the case with all these devices.
The Shenzhen watch market cannot spend huge amounts of money on development and their only way to move forward is to offer this new tech to anyone who wants it - but with a view to improve the solutions as they go.
Anyone who’s been around in this market long enough remembers what the watches were like 3 years ago - and how much they have improved over this time.
That’s how this works. It’s never going to please everyone but if they did nothing then nothing would change. They don’t have any support from Google or anyone and have to improve on the run.
Otherwise we would not even have these to play with.


Think i will get out my original " martian " and " Omate truesmart " lol :grin::grin:

Sorry, to tell you,if they do market research, domestic and outside world, you can tell the difference, for the time and money ?, What was they were trying to do ? Like the Tic watch pro and the Casio Protect this technology was well implemented and the reason was for mostly for always on display and save battery but it is there I ain’t gonna compare companies just talking about to be practice and simple, why I need to 2 or 3 step to get a feature that even the same device Android offers and in much better way besides the battery life, I don’t get it. Just talking out loud will see if they can do better, but those MCU aren’t easy to development.
If I want to use a bracelet Bluetooth SW I will buy one they are cheap.
Don’t get me wrong and no trying to becontroversial it’s jus my opinion.
We are asking for other features

I think its important to consider that “FullAndroid” is open source and so a company that spends a lot of time developing applications for the platform are not going to recoup the cost in research and development so they leave much of the polishing for apps up to the community if users.

With proprietary software, companies are able to distinguish themselves from open source applications and benefit monetarily for whatever new applications they develop.

This is actually the main reason why I have always been an Android user.
What you loose in application fine tuning on the platform, you gain in the sheer number of applications and in the close relationship the platforn has with its user community.


From the get go, Dual Mode has been a niche product. If you want it, you’ll pay the extra money for the ability to have that feature. If not you won’t. Not everyone has adopted Android 7.1.1 because they don’t want to lose tethering. Some still refuse (Same with UL). When you bump up to 7.1.1 you lose tethering, but you gain Always Time and dual mode(I have yet to see a dual mode for Jellybean or KitKat). When Marshmallow for Android Smartwatches comes out, what are we gonna give up and what are we gonna get in return? What niche features will be possible? There are a lot of potential advancements that could drastically change the smartwatch landscape. What about a new Android flavour completely separate from the candy name scheme, built from a marshmallow or nougat base, but specifically designed for non-Wear devices, with features and sensor libraries that people want(a CyanogenMod, of sorts, for smartwatches)? What about graphine batteries with considerably increased capacity? What about 1:1 Chinese clones of the smartwatch optimized CPUs? A lot of these things, while they’re being developed, are going to be in niche products, until they’re perfected and become standard. They are also gonna cost a little more to implement, initially.
A decade or so ago, Smartwatches we’re the things of sci-fi and Dick Tracy? Being able to make a call from your watch? You must have read too many comics or watched too many sci-fi movies. Now, Smartwatches are becoming commonplace. Making a call from your wrist, while not completely normal, won’t get you a weird look. What’s that guy doing, talking to his wrist? Oh, he’s making a call on his smartwatch (OS irrelevant).They started out as a niche product. Why spend $200-300 on a smartwatch when you can go to Walmart, pay $15-30 and get a cheap quartz digital…now synced with the atomic clock? Do you really need 1 billion watchfaces or to be able to play Pokemon Go on your wrist? Probably not. But it’s fun! Its surpassed being an electronic toy/doohickey to becoming a useful business, health and life tool. We are now getting niche products within a former niche product catagory. Technology is getting cheaper and better. That being said, no company has put out a comprehensive, open-ended questionnaire/survey about what we want (although I am in the process of working on one). These companies are throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. Some things are going to stick better than others. These companies have no choice but to ride a trend until it dies or becomes standard. If something seems to stick pretty well, they can try to polish it up and make it better, but until it gets polished, it may not look that impressive. We have gone from flip-phones(Chinese interactive fad exercise bands) to smartphones(polished, customizable, usefull staples of modern day tech). We have also done this in an amazingly short time. While not every fad is impressive or polished, the fact that they even exist is a feat in and of itself. Anyone disagree?

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but this companies dont care about us costumer, no support, nada, even dealing with the seller OMG. i have been in this for long time with this chinese devices Android,like Android streaming box after all the struggles i did buy the nvidia Shield TV and done no more,Android portable game tablet handle and i did enjoy and use to own the nvidia shield portable and the shield tablet, right now waiting for the Smach Z its a windows portable game handle and about this Android or Bluetooth SW i did started like 3 years ago.
For me its fun but they are not cheap and still the same thing,i know the problem with Google after Android Nougat and i am still buying this watches,thank God for Watch Droid application better than Wiiwatch and dont get me wrong this devices are getting better beside on the one major problem that was the battery, finally they realized that is need it a bigger Mah, but still some others features.
I believe and i like when companies are trying to do better with their own products,like Tic Watch Chinese, i do like the dual mode but for me the way that its implemented no good and we have to wait until at least its satisfy for better.
so we have to wait