DNA Watch Face for Universal Launcher

For Universal Launcher!

Download Pink: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15zaSnSa93NggzmSYRa4fse7uU0Q8EbhU

Download White: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13lYAq4KHQHoHm6nwpYCydzs_Yl50j5bR




Amazing :watch: work @Manu_J1

@Ameer_Salam thank you!

Awesome. Maybe I should get out of this chair to see if the step counter works! LOL!

@Manu_J1 Wow. That’s trippy and cool. Definitely downloading. In the words of Bobby Duke Arts, “I want that!”

@Louis_Peek haha​:rofl: count the steps to the fridge to get a beer.:wink:

Does it work on Thor pro? how do you install

Simple & nice.

@Bismarck_Hanssan yes it does, if you have universal launcher installed.
Use Clockskin Transfer to install the face on your watch.

universal launcher on lemfo lem 5PRO yessss th e amazing face