Dm20 hazzler firmware: dm20_a_io_v1.0_2020106

Hi, recently purchased the improved battery smartwatch LEM10 - DM20 from Amazon.
Build number is DM20_A_IO_V1.0_20201016 (Oct 2020)
I have seen in the forums that firmware v.1.1 exists (as of aug 2020).
1.1> 1.0 but oct2020> aug2020

So which firmware is most up to date?

I have a Lem 10 and it is a bit confusing because “from what I remember” there were two versions of this firmware. I did the OTA download of v1.1. There were some changes made to it, in an update posted on this forum. I elected not to install the update because I didn’t want one specific function of the update. So I am still running the firmware from the OTA and have not had any problems with my watch that I wear on an almost daily basis for 2 years.

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