DM100 Possible Upgrades

i am new here and ive kinda checked and couldnt find much of anything on here about the dm100 being able to go past android 7.1.1 i really would like to put android 10 on there. i cant have some apps on the watch from the playstore. it says the play store isnt certified and some apps arent compatible but i went and got the apps from sepereate apks i tried to upload android 10 full apk on the watch but im not really sure what im doin in that light so i could really use some help i have a build number DM100_pro_V2.5
what can i do as far as upgrading the os. i

Hi . You will most probably not be getting A10 on this device . Thanks

Well would I be able to put any other os on this watch. I can work with this fairly well but I’d be happy with having 8 or 9 on it. Just wanna get the OS up to a point where I can certify the play store and then be able to have all the apps.

Maybe there will come an A10 version from the open watch Team. But I won’t put my money on it…

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Well I have a full apk for a10 and a11 I could upload I got it from the Google service apkmirror site.

I wouldnt get excited about this working

I have no idea what apk you are talking about. You can’t use an apk for upgrading to android 10. Apks are for installing apps, nothing else