Dm100 parts for charging

I have had my dm100 SmartWatch for about 4 months now and it has become a piece of crap And used to work really well I had fun with it but now the charging port is wore out I’ve had to order a new charger already .the four pins on the back of the watch that actually are used to charge it have actually worn out because I taken the watch apart and where the little pins touch the circuit board inside the watch the circuit board is actually worn out almost on 1 of the 4 pins. I actually took the pins out of a band on another watch… the pins that you use to hold a watch band on… I took the ends out of them and use them for my touch pins inside the watch and it worked for a little while now they don’t work… does anyone have an extra back to a DM 100 the whole back to holds the bands on… the back of the watch… for sale I will buy it cause that’s looks like the only way to fix it… I would not recommend this watch to anyone because the battery after I installed Nova Launcher would not last even a day it would last if you didn’t touch the watch and only used it to look at the time but if you used it for anything else it would suck that 2700 milliamp battery down quickly I hope that new DM 101 is a lot better than the DM 100 okay my rant is over LOL

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Lemfo store on Aliexpress sells a replacement rear cover.

I also need screws for the SIM card back cover of my LEM14. Which Aliexpress store is it exactly? Because I don’t see any that sells accessories like screws and back covers. Thanks.

You go to the official lemfo store and send them a message

Here we go

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