DM100 display no auto-rotate

My DM100, not sure Lemfo LEMT may have the same problem. I wear the watch on my left hand. When the page is vertical (portrait) instead of landscape, it will be upside down. I have to take the watch off my hand or wear it on my right hand. Please advise any solution to make it auto-rotate? Or change the portrait 180 degree permanently as I seldom waerr the watch with my right hand.

Use this app.

Thank you very much, I try it right the way and set the Orientation to auto and it works. Anyone with a DM100 can see this: Setting, About Watch, Wireless Update…Then you see the page upside down if you wear the watch with left hand. Now, it is kept Landscape.
Thks again for your valuable info. I did try other Rotation control app but not working.

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