DM100 display no auto-rotate

My DM100, not sure Lemfo LEMT may have the same problem. I wear the watch on my left hand. When the page is vertical (portrait) instead of landscape, it will be upside down. I have to take the watch off my hand or wear it on my right hand. Please advise any solution to make it auto-rotate? Or change the portrait 180 degree permanently as I seldom waerr the watch with my right hand.

Use this app.

Thank you very much, I try it right the way and set the Orientation to auto and it works. Anyone with a DM100 can see this: Setting, About Watch, Wireless Update…Then you see the page upside down if you wear the watch with left hand. Now, it is kept Landscape.
Thks again for your valuable info. I did try other Rotation control app but not working.

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I’m having the same issue on my ticwris max which is the newer lemfo, I am honestly going crazy cause I can’t update my watch because I can’t see the full screen because of the orientation, it blocks out some of the options. I don’t get why this watch doesn’t have auto-rotate? what can I do?

I’m recently having trouble with my dm100 it was all stars for about a week due to charger problems when I got the charger fixed turned it on now everything is gone smaller for some reason my home screen Nova Launcher is smaller when I load an app everything is smaller what could be the problem

You’re in square mode. Enter the power menu and hit the square to go back to round mode. Reboot if necessary.

There is no square mode on DM 100, I guess.:thinking: If a resart doesn’t help, I would perform a factory reset.

Oh yes. that’s a good one ! :slight_smile:

ive got a phone service on my dm 100 but the watch has been doing some crazy crap lately and i was wondering if i did a factory reset would all my phone data stuff come back when it resets…you know like my phone service…ive got an att sim card in it now…its not using a service just paying for a data plan cause its cheaper but anyway yall think that when i reset it ill have to go back to att to have thm reset all my data or will it automatically just come back?