Digital classic clock skin

Here is one of my clock skins I hope you enjoy. I think this is one of my favorites I’ve done
Simple and lots of info



I’ve started adding dual functions to the messaging and phone touch points on all my watch faces. If you touch the messaging text on the Bezel it will open stock MMS app if that is your default app. If you use Google messages it will default to that instead.

The same thing with the phone. If you use the stock dial pad that will open. If you have true contacts dialer installed it will open that instead.

If you do not see a camera button on my watch faces, try the T E C symbol. It is usually a hidden camera button :v:

The hour of the time will open google clock. And the minutes will open settings. I’ve started doing that as a default so they are easy to access settings and start a timer.


I like the way you have developed access to the timer and also the font is cool too. Nice! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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there was a couple touch points not working correctly if you redownload just the clockskin file this should fix that issue.

screen brightness was not working as well as file explorer

screen brightness - seconds

file exploder - Wm100m