Diagonal Bold face

This is my first time posting here, so… be gentle.
This watch face works fine on my d5+, but I’m not sure how it will work on other
model watches.


Graphics: Xara Designer pro

Arrangement: Clockskin maker

Design by me: Jay Mc

If there is a similar design out there, then it’s only by pure coincidence.

I would like to thank Andrew davis for posting info on using multiple arrays, and masking. It really helped me out heaps, with getting the digits aligned. Cheers Amigo!

Note: Battery array counts in ‘tens’ using images, as doing it any other way would of been even more time consuming than it was. Meaning that if it displays 80% then the battery has anywhere between 80 - 89% of power.

I hope you like it.

D_Bold_Black.zip (461.06 KB)

D_Bold_Pink.zip (387.4 KB)

Amazing watchface! Very cool, thank you for sharing. It’s my main face right now.

Thanks soooo much aeoniu for the praises, I’m so glad you like it and also thanks to others for the likes as well

I’m using this as my default watch face. Reminds me of fight club.