DF048 model is ready!


tested on stock launcher no problem, enjoy it



Looks great! Thanks for sharing :handshake:

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Nice work, Thanks :+1:

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I do like a digital watch . Cool . Thanks

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Great watchface !!!

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A new star is born. Congrats.


thanks all :raised_hand:

you are amazing sr thank you for sharing work.

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Thank you very much. :raised_hand:

Looks hi-tech! :+1:

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Very Nice :watch: face :heart_eyes: @Serdar_EHLIL

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I’ll add this to my collection. really nice layout.

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@Ameer_Salam @Jeffrey_Swarens thanks a lot :raised_hand:

Great face

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@Vishwas_Gujar @Joao_Nascimento thanks a lot :raised_hand:

Very nice design and beautifully done. Thank you!

@Andy_J you are welcome. :raised_hand:

Hi Guys,
i’m new to these forums so excuse my basic questions, how can i load this face into my GT1 smartwatch?


Huawei watch GT 1 ?

No, the brand called Gtab GT1