Devon Steampunk watch

After a long, dirty fight I finally defeated the Devon Steampunk watch. It was really difficult to realize the secondband exactly like the original. I gave up in January and decided last week to spend another try. Works with Stock launcher, needs 400x400 px screen resolution. Universal Launcher won’t work. You have to set your Device to 12 hour mode.
Thanks to @Cerebral_Flex for the encouraging words!


All credits to:-

Download Stock - Google Drive

Download Universal - Google Drive



Damn that is nice, v. well done. I’m glad you went back and finished it. Quite possibly the most impressive face I’ve seen yet.
@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 can we ban this guy please…he’s making us look bad : )

Thank you mate. I’m not sure if I can top this anytime. Maybe I should look for another hobby now, for example breeding roses…

I am utterly impressed right now. I have no idea how you managed to get this working, but it looks great on my KW88, thank you.

@James_McBoyle You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this great work it fits my finow x5 very good. But i want to ask what the 67 is for . Thanks again

@G1NT0N1C excellent :slight_smile: Thanks.

@Micheline_Zarifeh something tells me you did not set your watch to 12 hour mode - as it says at the first post

Hi ,my watch is set on 12 hour mode

@Micheline_Zarifeh It’s the back part of the hour band- exactly like the original watch.

@Micheline_Zarifeh Hmm - in that case @G1NT0N1C - any ideas? My guess is that it’s not fully compatible with X series watches…

@G1NT0N1C ok - fair enough :slight_smile:

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@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 no, it works fine. It’s the back part of the hour band. The 3 is the hour, the next two numbers (4+5) are covered from the minute belt, and then you see the next numbers, 6+7. Have a look at a video from the Original watch- exactly the same.

@G1NT0N1C wow - ok . Amazing watch face

WOW nice work! Hopefully i can join making faces soon again :slight_smile:

@Jurgen_Oberst we all hope so!

@Jurgen_Oberst hi mate, I wondered where you were? Is everything ok?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 hi my motherboard is still dead not easy to find a gaming board for am3+ nowadays. But I will be back:-)

What you made is incredible. Very beautiful and greating for the seconds strip !

@Rodolphe_Maignal thx! :slight_smile: