Device is great.. I'm not sure if I'm setting things up correctly

Did amyone set up an APPLLP 2 Pro yet? its slimmer than the Kospet products, I have a 23, I was anticipating an older Optimus 2, but I’m using this product instead, its slimmer and has more onboard emory, so its an okay trade off; but over 45 minutes for a bluetooth transfer?? Can you help? I’ve watched your Optiumus 2 setup, and Androidwatdch set up several times, looked for an APPLLP 2 Pro vid , or short, and I haven’t come across it properly, this is a Lemfo16 isnt it?? Thanks for any help direction you can point me in.


I’m not sure I understood your question correctly. Setting up this watch isn’t really that different from setting up other watches.
Maybe this is interesting for you:

-Guide to enable apps to run in the background A11 / A10 / A9 / A7.1.1

You might have a look at this post also:

-How to delete installed Apps on Android 10

I also recommend using watchdroid instead of wiiwatch:



And, last bit not least- you are right: It’s identical with LEM 16.