Desperately looking for this 2 watch faces...hope anyone can help me with it

Desperately looking for this 2 watch faces…hope anyone can help me with it and please try to keep same functions working. Along with original color, I need one more with blue dial.

What’s the names of this watches?

@Shiva_Kumar I would like to have a look at the golden one, but I can’t find anything about it. If you have any Information or other pictures about it, it would be helpfull.

@G1NT0N1C And

I won’t be able to copy the original planet moving exactly, but I can try to stay close to the original.

@G1NT0N1C that’s great!

The first is the “Kerbedanz Sagittarius”

The second is the “Christiaan van Der Klaauw Planetarium Zodiac Sign ‘Sagittarius”

Both are unique masterpieces, enjoy guys​:smiley::wink:
@Shiva_Kumar @G1NT0N1C

The coding off running planets exactly the same is unbelievably difficult!

@Erik_ske hehe nothing can stop our Gin :slight_smile: beautiful watches btw.

If they will be finished, you’re gonna be stunned​:smiley::fist:

@Erik_ske could make the silver one but got other project running and so little time to do something. Greets

@Erik_ske :+1:

@Shiva_Kumar I’m not a watchmaker, sorry guys. And if I could, this would be very very difficult, waaay above my head.:wink:

@Jurgen_Oberst sorry, m8😉
The watchwizards like @G1NT0N1C has the knowledge​:wink::fist:

@Erik_ske i might come up with a solution also but don’t have the time to think bout a possible solution :wink: maybe when my daughter is a bit older and I change my stressful job hehe Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst :wink::+1:

@Erik_ske just visited the Kerbedanz link you provided. Wow they have some really nice pieces there a pity they don’t have the zodiac sign Scale hehe greets

@Erik_ske I know what you mean. I’ve been designing for about 2 months. I’m getting better, but I’m nowhere near as good as @G1NT0N1C @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Jurgen_Oberst and a few of the others.

@Nicholas_Herczeg there always be better, but the most important is that you like your work and have much fun making it. And you’re very good my friend​:wink::fist:

@Nicholas_Herczeg very cool! The Sega remix brought me back to the beginning with that Ferrari…o boy, what fun we had!
Really cool video’s m8!
I’ll check it from time to time! Really Pro-Stuff​:metal::metal::wink::fist:

Any luck of having these watch faces?