deleting watchfaces - i've created a folder on my pc for watchfaces and everytime

deleting watchfaces - i’ve created a folder on my pc for watchfaces and everytime to upload only the ones i’ll use to the watch BUT before i do that will it effect my watch? i do’nt mean the ones that are part of the launcher only the ones that i’ve added, thanks for any reply:)

Here’s my experience coping and deleting watchfaces. I have bricked it once (needing re-flash) and almost bricked it several other times.
My recommended approach is to change the current watchface to something other than the one you want to change or delete before you change it. The safest is to change it to a stock face if you are going to do a lot of deleting.
Bad things will happen if you delete the currently selected watch face. After you disconnect the USB it may go to the next in your list or if it was the last you will just get a black screen that won’t respond to touches. If this happens, you can recover by the steps below

  1. Do NOT power off your watch (if you do it will power up still with the black screen and you will need to re-flash)
  2. Re-connect the USB (this generally still works)
  3. Hopefully it will display the USB connect screen, press on the “Turn on USB”
  4. Copy back the clockskin you just deleted. If you don’t have it, copy another one and maybe a couple more.
  5. Disconnect the USB, it should recover and display one of the new skins

My experiences : before I add another watchface I turn the actual watchface to a standard one. Then I make the usb-connection, add a new one or delete an old one. You should never delete the folder “clockskin”. Up to now no problems.

The first time I tried to upload a skin to my D5 I set up a folder named “ClockSkins”… I couldn’t get anything to work… I deleted the folder “ClockSkins” and replaced it with a new folder “ClockSkin”… all okay after that…

If I’m adding an updated version of the same watchskin I always make sure that I delete the original version first (rather than overwrite it)…

All of you are right. The best and most reliable is put on the clock an original skin, and then move on the face you want. Since that is not what is on display everything works correctly. And one should not interrupt a copy communication from PC to watch or backwards.

thanks guys, i’ll follow everything i’ve read:)

@Gerhard_Kuehl by standard you mean the ones that are part of the launcher, right?

sorry everyone i want to know something why not the normal delete option works on the watchface

Are you trying to delete stock faces ? If so you cannot


no not the stock the third party watchface which i had installed

So when you swipe upwards they dont dissapear ?

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Is it by any chance the active watchface that you are trying to delete? If so, then you need to change to another watchface first

sorry i didn’t know about swipe upwards thanky​:rofl::rofl:

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Easy mistake :+1: