Dear users of Android smart watches.. I have a question.

Dear users of Android smart watches… I have a question. Could you please help me to choose the write watch?

I need to buy a watch that gives me possibility to work with a music during dance classes I lead.
It can be:

  1. watch that control the music from a mobile phone connected via bluetooth and listen it via the speaker (probably via wire)
  2. music comes from memory card in a watch and listen with speakers connected via bluetooth.
    It should work as a pilot, but shows music playlists and particular songs, let me change te music easily and making music louder and more quiet.

Is it possible to buy this kinds of watch? I’m totaly lost, most info don’t pay attention on it and I already bought a watch that is not working correctly for me.
Could you please help me?

Firstly, which watch did you have before?

this was another kind of watches… I’ve choosen what I liked as have no experiences.

Lem4 pro will do all you need and much much more and has massive battery life.

thank you for reply and what about circular ones, as I prefere this shape… round ones haven’t look so huge.

Maybe the Zeblaze thor pro may suit you. It’s a very good watch for it’s price and will do what you need.

Those are my personal choices for Round and square but if you really want the rundown checkout this Youtube channel it has reviews of the lot.

Thank you for all advices, so you don’t recomend LEMX, LEM 7 or LEM8?
I was watching the channel you have reccomended and even talk with the guy that lead it, and he reccomended LEMX and LEM4 Pro but suggested to ask on your group as well :smiley:
It is nice to have such a great support, thank you :smiley:

@Mealiiokalani_MocAlo The Lemx is a very good watch but is over priced and over kill for your needs and is a massive sized watch as is the Lem4 pro. I would still recommend the Zeblaze Thor Pro as perfect for you needs and is round :slight_smile: Unless you don’t mind big watches.

Great! thank you very much :slight_smile: