Dear All, just received my X5 for two days,

Dear All,

just received my X5 for two days, and figured out the way to control watch from PC using Chrome Extension. I know it can be done also using Mobizen (refer to Mr. Ticks tutorial), but this tool could be an alternative. Hope can help someone here…

The only thing to do is just install Chrome extension named Vysor, then just connect the watch via USB cable, follow the few steps provided.

Check out “Vysor”:

@Sylvain_Bouju Good news for us D5-ers :slight_smile:

I could never get Mobizen to work and have used AirDroid. But this is great, everything works except the long press (so I have to do that from the watch).
I can now see what clock skins look like on a square display. Full screen mode is great, my “Eye Ball” clock skin looks freaky, oh wait I haven’t posted that yet, hang on I’ll do it now.
I know it’s Saturday night but I’m gonna stay in, pour myself another Drambuie and play with this.

@Andrew_Somers ​ long press is a little tricky using this, try to click hold left mouse and drag only a little bit, as if we are simulating real finger long press. I got this experience also and accidently figured out the way…