Dear All, i own a new finow x5 and i have a mac.

Dear All, i own a new finow x5 and i have a mac. Somehow i can’t see the system files of my watch. Also, when i plug the watch to my laptop i dont see any message saying to enable USB Storage.I would like to add the clockskin folder to it. How can i do it on a mac? Thanks.

USB storage is on notification just swipe on left of current watchface

Thanks emmanuel. Unfortunately it’s not working. I am thinking that it may have something to do with the MacBook Pro usb drivers. I dont have Windows. I created a Virtual Machine with a Window7 but it seems that the device via USB is not recognized. Doesn’t anyone had this same problem?

Can you please tell me all notification you get once you plug it on your mac?
Coz i use Mac too and it works fine

Hi emmanuel, thanks again. I dont get any notificación. The watch only shows the charge icon and mac does nothing at all.

check your charging dock’s pins

I checked th charging dock’s pins and they look ok. Any other idea? So, if i understand correctly, if i plug the watch to my mac there should be ok, no needs for extra driver or any other software… i am right?

do you have first cheked (enable) usb debuging…on the X5?

so, disable usb debug … connect the watch to the mac…and see …the Watch should ask you … storage drive mount. ? bla bla…

Try using android file transfer, is app to recognise any android on Mac.

Thanks you all. It finally worked. It was the connector cradle. I pressed the back of the cradle so all pins would pulled up a little more. After that the watch made all the connection perfectly.