Dead Space watchface

hello at everyone.

ill try to figure out how dropbox is working, that i can share my selfmade clockskin with you.
sorry for eventually bad englisch, iam from germany and i dont want to use the google translator.
i need somebody that can test my watchface, because my kospet prime is dead and i must send it back to gearbest but thats another story…
i hope my dropbox link is working :sweat_smile:


Please post a picture!



That’s coooooooool! Thank you!

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is it working on your watch ?

Hang on. Doing it now.

Yes it’s working. Just a suggestion though… put the files in a compressed folder (zip) when you put them in dropbox. It makes it much easier for people to put it in their clockskin folder, other wise the files will be put on their watch’s clockskin folder, but not a subfolder in the clockskin folder and the watch won’t recognize it. I had to create a subfolder, put your files in it, then put it in my watch’s clockskin folder. VERY NICE WATCHFACE! The second hand is beneath the hour and minute hand when it sweeps. Even if you didn’t intend that, it’s a nice effect! Thank you again nice job! :upside_down_face:


thanks for your advice and informations and thanks again for try them. in the future i will make subfolders. with the second hand thats intend because i dont like it on the top of everything. but for you, i can change them and its on the top :grin:


No no! I like it that way it’s really cool! Thank You! :scream:

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Looks great!! Any chance of uploading it to the Facer app for wear OS maybe???

No, that’s not possible. Sorry.