Dead pixels on lemfo lem5 😣

Dead pixels on lemfo lem5 :persevere:

try using one of these 2 free apps to repair it. I did it with a similar one (paid) and after 30 min the pixels were repaired, I turned off the smartwatch till the next morning and now my watch screen isn’t showing any stuck pixel.

@Jorge_Luis how it’s possible? dead pixel is hardware problem right?. how to repair with a software?

those aren’t dead pixels, these are stuck pixel. dead pixels look black not white.

@Jorge_Luis what is the name of paid application? I try your first application before only 4 pixel aftr try the application showing loat off stuck pixels😅

Pixel fixer (to fix 1x1 square area, meanwhile the rest of the screen is off) I also tried those apps before recommend them and they do same thing than paid app but they work on the whole screen. Have you set your screen brightness too high? maybe that burnt your pixels, my brightness level is 1.

I recommend you to turn off your device until it gets normal temperature, if you can put it on a cold surface is better (not inside the fridge), then try this app to fix each stuck pixel, try running for 5 min, if it doesn’t work for 10min, 20min, etc. but no more than 1hr and let your device take a breath before each try.

To me it only took 30 min to fix them but they weren’t completly stuck, they were brigther on yellow/white/green colors but they were normal on red/blue/black.

If it doesn’t fix your screen, then I recommend to contact seller to replace it because you have a faulty display.

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+