Data Transfer and Charging via USB C OTG

Just got my Kospet Optimus Pro yesterday. 3 weeks of anticipation. Wooohhhoo. So many things I want to share but I’ll wait for most of it with a nice YouTube video.

One quick thing I noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned, is that the watch is able to be connected directly to my phone via the included charger, cable and a third party USB C OTG adapter.
Options for: charging only, data transfer or MTP. I was able to connect directly to my MI Max 3 (android 9) and move and create files on the watch. While it charged at the same time.

I never use a computer, only phone and android tablet, so I gave this try and it worked.

Pretty cool. Bt transfer is painful, wifi transfer is good but not as good as direct connection.

Anyways, thought I would share.



Thanks for sharing . Are you saying you got a USB C OTG adapter in the box ?

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Hi, no. I had a feeling that it might work so I bought a USB C to USB A female OTG adapter. Plus the included charger cable in and connect to USB C on MI max 3.
Immediately the phone recognizes the watch as Optimus pro and opens up the file explorer. On the watch it gives option of charging, file transfer or mtp. Although it charges while in transfer mode as well.

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Thats good news and thanks again for the info . Appreciated


Yea man, my pleasure.

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You’re going to love this watch!

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Definitely loving it. A few days ago I got a all black MI max 3 6gb/128gb and took out the SIM and left it at home. It’s just so crazy actually having everything available from my wrist. Now my setup is watch, 6.9" phone, 12.2" android tablet. And with this 5500mah battery on the MI max 3, charging the watch from the phone is no problem.
Anyways, beyond excited.


I love this being able to charge and transfer from phone at the same time. Convenient.


how did i just stumble upon this, this is clever. lol

time to get a second optimus charger to throw in the backpack and never worry again about battery, already get 2 full days of use, but this helps immensely for on the go topping up.
(currently have 2 USB c otg adapters laying around the house :+1: :+1: :+1:)