Damaged finow x5 charging dock

Hello all, unfortunally i’ve damaged the magnetic charger beyond repair :sob: . I searched through the internet and found a video where a guy make a watch “template” with cardboard and attach some wires from a usb cable to some clips and then connect those clips to the watch pins. I wanted to make a similar one and i found that my usb cable has 4 different cables, the 5V (red) ground (black), a green and white one, i assume that the black and red need to be connected to the GND and VCC pins respectively but what about the green and white one, which one should i connect to the DP and DM pins, i noticed that the dock has some tiny SMD resistors, do i need to add them aswell?

PS: im creating one because, right now, i don’t have the funds to buy a new one :frowning: and thus im asking before i burn my watch !

Thank you all!


I can’t buy one right now, thus im asking how can i make one for temporary use before i buy a new one.

edit: i ended up buying a charger xD