Custom ROM for Hexxa Atenea and clones (D5,

Custom ROM for Hexxa Atenea and clones (D5, etc)

You can see more info here:

Thanks to Hexxa team for provide me with a Atenea to develop.

Use of the power button to emulate back and menu buttons:

As you can see, we have the D5 clockskin app as launcher (thanks to @Eric_Crochemore )

@Ezento_Ikenna Only if X5 is a clone of a D5 or a Hexxa Atenea. Sorry but I don’t know all the devices. @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 will know.

Is it possible to have a better keyboard for round display ?

@Mauro_S Yes, I’m working on it. I will try to contact some developers to allow me add his keyboard, but meanwhile you can download some custom keyboards from google play and resize them to see if they are more useable.