Custom app for taking instant geotagged pictures with Kospet Optimus 2 - InstantRotGeoPicture

One of the best features of Kospet Optimus 2 is its camera.

Sometime ago I learned from this video of @SmartWatch_Ticks about an app named InstaCamera which unfortunately is not in the Play Store.

The main advantage of this app is that it takes a picture as soon as you open the app and then it automatically quits. This app is ideal for taking a photo almost immediately after you see something interesting without fiddling with controls and then continue with whatever you were doing. Additionally, if you assign the opening of InstaCamera to a button using an app like Button Mapper then taking a picture becomes so easy and fast!

However, there was a problem when I used it from my watch. If the rotatable sensor of the camera module is looking towards the outside world and not myself, all the pictures are upside down. As a result, I had to manually rotate 180 degrees all the pictures which is tedious and time wasting. Moreover, InstaCamera does not geotag the pictures. These two issues are resolved using a small app that I created and you can download it from here. After opening the app you have about 2 secs to frame the picture.

The app was made using the amazing Tasker app and the Tasker App Factory app.

The app is a combination of three different Tasker tasks:

  1. EXIFdecToDMS - it converts the current longitude and latitude from decimal number to degrees minutes and seconds (adapted from here).

  2. EXIFsaveGeoTag - it saves the current position in the EXIF photo metadata (adapted from here).

  3. InstantRotGeoPicture - it takes a picture, then it rotates it 180 degrees and finally the picture is geotagged.

You can download and edit these three tasks from here.

Finally I created a version of this app which takes discretely a picture, meaning that you can not see a preview of it on the screen. You can download it from here.

Enjoy taking pictures!


Good job, thx for sharing. I’ll test it this weekend.

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Looking forward to checking this out, @johnsidi Nice work! Should work for both Optimus 2 and Prime 2 as they both suffer from that rotating camera orientation problem. I haven’t worked with Tasker before, so this will be new.

Oh, you don’t have to. The app was build by using tasker and Taster app factory. But it will work without Taster.


hi. all pictures are black. All permissions are granted. can you help me?