Curren Chronograph -UL

@Dotsfar suggested this might make a pretty good face and he was right. A product of Photoshop & WFD, I’ve embellished the original image and it looks GREAT on my watch!






Verey Nice! :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod:

Thank you, I’m thrilled with the way it turned out…

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I liked the blue/rose gold version so I bought it! Aliexpress $17

Excellent job :ok_hand:


Thank you Bricky! I think someone ought to pay me for all the fun I’m having :crazy_face:

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very nice,clear,professional.a very good work,doubledad. :+1:

Wow, a must try :crazy_face::tada::confetti_ball:

Thanks to @Malex and @Dotsfar for their comments… They’re REALLY appreciated!

It DOES look very good on the watch :ok_hand:
Thank you @doubledad :+1:
I like the way the swing of the second visor needs to settle each time :yum:

That’s the “elastic second” setting… Where in the world are you located? I’m in Arizona USA

Far-far-away in Denmark :smile:
Actually we both have ‘dad’ in our username, ‘far’ is dad in Danish :smile:

Saw the Copenhagen airport once, but would like to return for a “real” visit…

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Hey Doubledad,

I love the way you created this clockskin and was wondering if you can do this one as well or if maybe you’ve already done it. I’ve looked high and low but can’t find it, though I will admit the catalog of clockskins is so massive, it’s a bit overwhelming to search through.

I don’t know the first thing about creating clockskins so I’m not sure how easy, hard or time consuming they are. I guess it all depends on how busy they are (meaning things installed into it). I love the way the original watch shows depth and was wondering if that way possible to get that look? I guess kind of 3D. I’ve only seen one that has that and it stood tall but there’s more out there I probably missed.

I have a Kospet Prime 2 and am still using the stock launcher.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Thank you for your interest… I have not made this particular watch and since it is just a color variation, I am not prone to do so. However, if you visit you will find a number of other Curren designs which may be of interest (look especially at row #1 and 14…

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Very cool thanks DD!