Credits to: Watch maker Sergey Ivanov Problem solved.

Credits to:
Watch maker Sergey Ivanov

Problem solved.
Download link:

I have permission to post this watch face. Anyone have permission to change watch face and solve this problem. Does anyone want to solve the battery level problem?
On my Finow X3 when the battery full is on battery level shows 90%. Then it shows 10% less. Thanks.


Thanks for your help, but i have no program and I do not know how to do it. Would you want to do it? You have permission from Sergey. Thanks.

Try use this settings:

Thanks zsolt m. The problem is partially solved. From 100% to 50% shows good after +2%.

You need rework those images. The battery rows, indicators. Yet not centered.


Try this and upload as yours.

Для чего портить весь облик часов ? Только дешевая подделка использует вместо римской цифры IV непонятный знак IIII .
Why spoil the whole appearance ? Only a cheap knockoff instead uses the Roman numeral IV is IIII weird sign .

@Andrew_Raven Lot of manufacturer use IIII instead of IV :slight_smile:

English please.

Roman numerals 4=IV

battery is not the only problem but the moon phase. mine shows wrong moonphase data

@Daniel_Herrero It’s known bug. The clockskin engine itself cannot reproduce the correct moonphase. Not a skin issue.

great job! worked fine on LEMFO LEM5 PRO.

@zsolt_m What application is this? I would like to design watch faces on my laptop or MacBook as well…