Credits to Frank Dufaux ​​​ I bring you the Remodelled Opulence Quantum..

Credits to @Frank_Dufaux ​​​

I bring you the Remodelled Opulence Quantum… Ported for X5 and other similar Android watches

I must tell you, this watchface is dope

I’d like your contributions…

Sorry for error, it was due to excessive compression… Lol

You can now download it - - - - - - >


not showing right in my x5…

@Adrian_Carcei ​ what’s the problem you’re having? … I can rework based on your feedback

i see only the numbers of the day and week and the wheel that rotates…

@Adrian_Carcei I think there’s something missing in the files you copied to your clockskin folder… Try to extract the files again and copy to your clockskin folder

Sorry, I could be wrong, but I have same problem. There are no clock_skin_panel files in the last skins you posted. Again, sorry, I’m a newbie.

Okay I’m gonna take it down and re-upload the file… The error should be from the compression to zip

@Adrian_Carcei@Jorge_Mundt ​ I’ve correct it and all my watch faces… My compression software was over compressing, hence the problem…
But it’s solved now

Try it out now… I need ur feedback

Ok,i will download,put in my watch and let you know if it work…

thank you very much,now it’s working…

Yesss. All working now. Thanks