Creates someone this face? For KW88.

Creates someone this face? For KW88.


This is for NO 1.D5.

Try this and make a photo to show me how it worked out please

@Martin_Nijhuis I’ve been working on the “date” in the apk watchfaces… I’ve put my findings in the new forum… look under “KW88 tester required”… a work in progress :slight_smile:

Fantastic god work :slight_smile:


@Francesco_F_Monkey_s Are all three hands white?

Yes all three hands

@Martin_Nijhuis Inspiration for further dials to watch KW88

Ha @Andrew_Davis now I see what you meant.
All hands white.
Don’t know how to change that but certainly I’ll try (don’t know when/how soon.)

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s Thanks , but I’m only human. Kidding …I know you meant good in stead of god :wink:

@Miroslav_Kovacs Thanks …one day I will do more faces but still need to learn a lot and that takes time.
You can try too by the way , there is a wonderful tutorial in this community that simply tells you how .
Hope you too will get the hang of it an show us!

Ah what the heck…couldn’t help myself.
Here is the altered one with a red second hand.
Please let it be so :wink: show me please.



I liked also the one with the white hands , changes xml name so I can not share that overlap

@Martin_Nijhuis :+1:

This is a god face !!!


@Martin_Nijhuis Please where can I find the program - I’d like to create dials.

I don’t use a program, I work like the tutorial found here >>> +Smash Smashin

If you go to his posts you’ll find the one that I mean

Link post please@Martin_Nijhuis