Crazy touch,overheating,battery drain


Am on stock firmware D09 v2 (5-5-2021) and i am experiencing crazy touch which only happens after 15 or more minutes of normal use(short gsm calls,whatsapp messaging, few browsing).
The watch registers touch by itself without me even touching the screen and that subsides after its left for few minutes to cool down!
I get around 24 hours of standby with the usage mentioned above with 4g turned on only when needed, wifi off, gps off,bluetooth off, animations off from developer options and only gsm/sim are on all the time !!

I know the kp2 has a 60 hz ips display but was surprised to see displayhz website reading its display as 92 hz!!!(this website read all my devices correctly by the way).

Can i flash older stock firmware (1.4 may be) in hope the above mentioned problems get fixed and can i flash FAW firmware v1.0 without issues??

Hope to get help here.thanks!.

How old is your watch?

The watch is 7 days old!

Have you already tried a factory reset?

Well no i didnt try a factory reset coz i dont want to go through the whole setup again and because from what i read here on the forum factory reset only solves a minor portion of problems…hope am wrong in my case.

Please try a factory reset first.

Ok and if problems still persist whats my next move? Thanks

Step by step. First, we try a factory reset.

Full factory reset:

Battery drain is the same.
Crazy touch problem is worse (including keyboard crazy touch which i never had!)
Overheat is the same. still reads the kp2 display as 92.5 hz instead of 60 hz!!
and one added problem now with whatsapp…notifications not coming through until i open the app(i did the same before and after factory reset by granting all permissions and disabling battery optimization for whatsapp and it worked flawlessly before reset but doesnt work now!!).

Any clues? :slight_smile:

Flashing a older firmware will be just fine . Try it then factory reset again

you mean v1.4 stock firmware? coz thats the only older stock firmware i could find on the forum.

Yes, this one is ok.

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You beat me too it :+1:

Flashed stock v1.4+factory reset: this older stock firmware is better than the hybrid v2.0 stock …less heat,less battery drain,more visible font in square mode but that crazy touch is still there sometimes, now the heart rate sensor doesnt work and the whatsapp problem still there(messages came through normally before i factory reset stock v2.0 but now even with having whatsapp not optimised for battery messages dont come through unless i open the app!!)

We will contact you via PM.

It’s caused by interference with the screen FPC and any Sim or wifi signal.
It basically means that the shielding has not been done properly inside the watch and the interference causes miss touches and other crazy behaviour.

This watch must be returned.
It is the only way.

Please let us know if it branded by Kospet or Lokmat and where did you purchase it from?

Do not try to open the watch.
The aim is to get it replaced asap.

I will help you if you have the details I asked for?


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Can the problem/error occur due to not peeling the extra film that covers the preinstalled screen protector or is it a straight forward problem due to the manufacturing defect you mentioned?

The watch is kospet branded.


The film should not cause this problem at all.
You can easily test it and replace it again afterwards.

I must admit that this problem is not common at all with the D09.
But the root cause I mentioned is almost certainly the one.

But please test without the covering on the screen because the touch screen relies on you “making a circuit”.

For example, if you are wearing the watch the screen behaviour is much better than if it is lying on a table and you just try to tap on the screen… This is because you are creating a “circuit” for the screen while it is touching your arm, but on a table there is no circuit.


Will send pm to know the steps needed to get a refund or replacement from kospet.

Thanks in advance

So you removed the screen covering?
They will ask you to do this first if you have not already.

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