Crack on the Backside - Kospet Optimus Pro

As you can see on the image, there’s a small crack on the backside of the watch.

Between the SIM card tray screw and the camera

Another problem, I think the back case isn’t sealed up properly, which I guess is the reason why the back plate cracked.

I wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem, and if it’s safe to use this watch.

It will be fine to use . Looks like a weak point from where the screw goes in . I looked on Aliexpress to see if you can still get replacements but nothimg . Sorry


Thanks for your help sir!


I have makibes M3 (Kospet Optimus) and Kospet Optimus pro. Both watchs have the same crack as you. I think the design of Kospet Optimus is fault, thickness of the back plate is too thin. My M3’s back plate was completely broken by timepassed.

I hope this information will become useful for Kospet and manufacturer.


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