Couple of videos showing X3 plus in use.

Couple of videos showing X3 plus in use. Speed test using Tmobile sim I use in my phone

Just playing with music player and some comparison shots next to Gear S2 etc. (x3 plus 3 is just file name of the video file)

Overall this watch has potential. Hardware is ok for the price in my opinion. Software is making it difficult to use . Could really use a decent ROM with good interface. If there is a way to use regular apps this watch would be really useful…

the hardware is okay??? it is a great watch considering the price and in compare with premium devices these watches are way better choices, i would have considered the gear s series but with Tizen, no thanks, the problem of apps is not the watch but the developers of the apps, they do’nt give much attention to these watches even though the amount of their users is greater than any other watch. in the watch if i’m not mistaken you can change the way the app appear on the screen but again to make more and more apps suit these watches we need to contact the developers as i try to do and hope they are willing to do so. btw way show me one premium watch that has 1gb ram and 8gb storage especially in the gear s series because as these watches they are also standalone watches.

what keyboard do you use?

@sonia_sophie_ataunna good points you state re: pricing, storage etc but as we know it is the integration of hardware with software that is the key. Plus warranty protection, customer service etc comes into play which jacks up the price. I paid $99.00 for Gear S2 (samsung refurbished, tied to T-Mobile) which came in looking new. I am not knocking X3 plus since I knew what I was getting.

Think next year with Android Wear is when we’ll see stuff rolling but those watches may not support physical sim instead going for esim like Gear S2 and Urbane. (tied to carrier etc).

“Changing the setting to display apps in square screen does not seem to work in my case except for Hangouts which open in square screen”. Correction: many apps open in square box but it does not really increase usability :frowning:

BTW,Hangouts dialer app is not usable.

Agree with no apps on Tizen. Reason why I am trying out x3 plus since i can’t get an interval timer on Gear s2. But otherwise it is a smooth implementation. Activity alert on S2 is awesome. It nudges you to get up and move. Overall health angle of S2 is pretty good if one is into it.

@Ido_Aflalo it is the built in keyboard that comes with the watch.

Couple of pics showing data and step counts vs fitbit. Battery dropped 30 % in 30 minutes (walking outside) with music playing to bt headset and 2 calls (about 15 seconds each) one on using hang outs and one using regular dialer.
missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

27% battery left after 8.5 hours. 3g on. bt connected to headphone. flip wrist to turn dispaly on. wifi off. location off. No call or http://texts.No browsing. 5 minutes music played on bt headset. 25% screen brightness. sedentary reminder (vibration) every half hour.