Could someone test Viewranger app for me

Huge favour.
Could someone test if the viewranger app works OK, at least the gps bit
Ive tested in bluestacks at 640x480

Viewranger is an awesome app, but I buy a lemfo lem t/ticwris max
It would be great if I new it worked, as this would be the main app id want to use on it.

Many thanks in advance.

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i’ve been using viewranger for months ever since i purchased my watch
GPS works great for me on my kospet optimus (wifi/BT off during hike to conserve even more battery)

as long as you have good GPS in your lemT you should have an even better experience
my screen is only 1.4" and i still manage to hike for 5 hours with it

was planning on pushing it to a 10 hour hike this spring, but unfortunately our national parks are closed until april 30th, and that closure my be extended until who knows when.

Excellent, Thanks Mark for the reply, thats great to know