Could i try do to do the same with the zgpax s99?

Could i try do to do the same with the zgpax s99?
Don’t know how to do…i just create a folder in files manager called "zgpax clockskin "…and then? I’ve tried to download watch faces on watchAwer but the sistem says “impossible to open”.
Should i first download some other app or program? Could you help me explaining the procedure you use step by step? Thanks

Use my launcher and create a “ClockSkin” folder, see tutorials.

Thanks…where i can find your launcher?

click on my name !

@Eric_Crochemore already done but did not found…i’m sorry

@Eric_Crochemore finally i found it!
I will try to install it later… should i download the latest version(experimental)?
Thanks once more and please excuse me, i’m newbie here!

@Eric_Crochemore hello Eric, i’ve downloaded the launcher but still not open the watch faces files. Should i create the ClockSkin folder inside the "download " folder? I’ve just created that by the watch not by PC. Thanks

the ClockSkin folder is on the SD card root.

@Eric_Crochemore ops…zgpax s99 hasn’t sd card extension, just the internal storage…but when you download the watch faces they go directly to the ClockSkin folder? Or should i do by “copy and paste”? I’ve tried with the last one but no results

Use the forum to ask for help all the tutorials are also there.

@Eric_Crochemore ok…thanks!