Constantly disconnects and reconnects to phone through Watch Droid

just go ahead and try it. worst thing that can happen is that it won’t install or doesn’t work as expected

I hate to revive a kind of dead topic, but hey it’s not that old is it? I feel it would be worse to make a new thread since we can look back at this thread and see what we’ve tried and what not.

The watch still does disconnect, and it really calmed down for a while, only disconnecting if it died (wouldn’t connect without me opening the app on both the watch and the phone) or my phone died (same solution). But I recently started trying to use it for my Google Home/Assistant/Smart Home setup and the problem has grown to be a fairly large issue again.

Pretty much every time I open either the Assistant or Home app or an app related to it, it disconnects and sometimes even has a hard time reconnecting while I have the app open on both devices.

Is there something I could be missing that could make it disconnect from my watch so often? Or is Google Assistant not something that is going to be fully functional for me? I’d really like this feature to work properly, being an Android device and having a set up for it around my home.

I’ve made sure it isn’t being suppressed by the battery saver and I’ve done a factory reset over the past day.

This issue has only been getting worse, resulting in my watch dying before evening. I’ll likely be dropping WatchDroid and using the watch as intended until I find a possible solution.

Edit: I’m now looking to sell my full Android watch and replace it with something better and likely WearOS.
For people that make it to this thread in the future - Don’t get the Kospet Prime S.

Edit 2: My reasoning for saying that is NOT because it is slow (it is a budget device of course), but because I cannot get it to stay connected to my phone, the charger is awful with no other options, and I’ve contacted customer support three times now and I haven’t gotten a single reply. I will not be doing business with Kospet again.

Edit 3: I factory reset my watch to use the default apps and now the watch won’t pair at all… This is just excellent! :smiley: What a waste of money that was.