Connectivity issues using iPhone 7, and general questions

Hello everyone!

I’m new to this forum and android watches in general, but I’m very technical and don’t shy away from tech work.

Got the Lemfo LEM8 and been using it for a couple of days. It’s a really nice watch, and I now understand the differences between full android and OS Wear.

I paired my LEM8 to an iPhone 7 using the WiiWatch 2 application, and I’ve been having a lot of connectivity issues.
The watch stops showing notifications out of the blue, even if I’m right next to my phone the entire time, and I have to manually reconnect by opening the WiiWatch application and wait a couple of seconds for the pairing. Some times I even need to re-scan the QR code.

I saw that there’s an android app called Watch Droid that should able to solve these problems, but it doesn’t seem to have any iPhone application to go with it.

Also, why would I, and should I, root my watch? (trying to learn more about it)

Any help or tips will be greatly appreciated!

Well I rooted my LEM8 (and LEM7 and phones, TV boxes etc.) just to prove I could. With phones etc, to implement TWRP to try alternated ROMs to get better performance. In addition, certain apps that I use require root access.