Connect Watch and KW88

Is the new Connect Watch just a KW88 with a different operating system? Is it possible to get the files of this OS somewhere for flashing my KW88?

@eSkado I have not looked at it or heard anything about it.
Do you have a link?
If you don’t have enough permission to post Web links yet, you can just use httpx: to prevent the system recognising that it’s a Web address.

Here is a link to 4pda https:, // … But it is in Russian, on xda I also saw a post about this watch. It seems to me that this is a clone of our KW88.

They purchased that model from kingwear over 5 years ago.
Yes it is a KW88 rebranded.
A long time ago.
The Asteroid OS is not what the watch came with and the 4pda thread is for people who might want to try it on the Connect / KW88.
That type of watch went end of production in 2018 and that post is from 2017.