Congrats! 20.000 Members!

20,000 members! Ok, some will say that we’ve celebrated 40,000 members. However, in the last year we deleted many old Google+ accounts that never posted anything and that have not been activated since being ported to our site. So these 20,000 members are a realistic number and certainly a reason to celebrate!
Thank you all!!!


Wow! That really is some milestone @G1NT0N1C ! :+1: :+1: And due in no small part to a lot of hard work from @pablo11 @Dr_Andy_Vishnu @Eric_Crochemore & yourself, and to all of our members (Way to numerous to mention) who devote a lot of their spare time to not only making faces, but helping other members out as much as they can!
Now not to take anything away from this magnificent achievement…but it must be noted that @pablo11 did send Me, @mehul1 @noidremained & @Joao_Nascimento a secret message asking each of us to be so good enough as to register 4,999 times each :woozy_face: …so in reality there are really only the 8 of us that make up the entire Forum! :crazy_face: Cheers, “So Doons, your really 4,998 other people”? :rofl:, Doons