Comrades, I need your help to solve the following.

Comrades, I need your help to solve the following.

The array of minutes is running in both (the CSM and like in the clock), but I am not able to settle with the array of values for the angle of the hours and working properly on the clock, because in the CSM works without problems.

Someone volunteer who knows how to work well in xml to get right values with the angles, for we can have a real Spec watch?

The xml for hour in this moment are:


Hi Sérgio! Tudo bem por aí? Esse WF está a ficar muito fixe mesmo! Perdi agora aqui umas horas a brincar com o CSM a ver se me entendo com o prog. Sinceramente, o desejo é de através de um ficheiro .watch conseguir fazer um porting para o meu D5+. Quando unzipo o ficheiro, tenho uma série de imagens. Faço bem em por exemplo ir ao GIMP e sobrepor as camadas até ficar com uma imagem só (exceptuando claro os ponteiros)? E em termos de dimensões? Algum tamanho “obrigatório”?

@Sergio_Guerreiro , the D5 + is android 5.1 and does not work with the CSM images directly as D5. The D5 + works with .apk.

But if you play with CSM, the best CSM is see around here to download some face to and try to understand the concept.

Written in english for you, for all can understand, although mine english is not the best.

English please.

@Sergio_Guerreiro , the files .watch usually have copyright and it’s always a mess create something from the direct images from author. What you can do is see the image and type and draw yours.

Regarding sizes the concept is that at the end when working in the CSM is to stick with 400x400, but I usually work in the order of 2100x2100 to have quality in the images.

Sorry guys. I carried away with my home language…So, ok, i now understand i can install WF apk directly in D5+ but not android wear apk’s , right? And i know i can upload WF files to a inside ClockSkin folder too. I saw that is possible to use WF’s like a widget in novalaucher (is this right?)

@Sergio_Guerreiro , with apk know it works, the rest do not know. I just still have my old D5. I’m waiting for the famous KW98 to grow in android 5.1.

It is advisable to install novalauncher in order to use WF apk as a widget? I’m sorry… Very new at this…

@Sergio_Guerreiro Please ask in main section for help. This is someone elses thread.

@Sergio_Paulo1 I have the D5+ and can tell if works the same as far as the cf concerns as the D5. You can just put cf folder in the ClockSkin folder.Had to reply :wink: Also to say that this is gonna be a beauty by the looks of it.

Really like the face Sergio! Hope you get the hours issue sorted out!

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​, thanks and thanks for information @Martin_Nijhuis ​.

what program is this?

Clock Skin Maker - it’s here in the watch face dev section

oh ok thanks