Complete copy from one prime 2 to another

can anyone tell me how i can make a complete backup (files,contacts,music,passwords,etc…)off my prime 2 to install on a second prime2?

or is there a transferprogram like samsungs switch i can use?


I have a folder on my Pc with all app Apk’s to install quickly . My contacts appear via google when synced

Same with music . In Pc folder ready to drag and drop

Passwords i dont save .

i know…i have the same folder…it is not the installing that takes time…it is the log-ins, the re-arranging the apps, the desktopsettings in nova launcher, etc…what can i say…i’m a lazy boy… :wink:

if you’re on v1.4 you can try to backup and restore with twrp
otherwise you can make a readback with sp flash tools, but it will take a while

the userdata partition starts at 0x13C000000 and has a length of 0xD4FCFBE00

that’s to complicated for me…i can push a button in a program, but thats about it :confused:

I assume there are some apps on the play store that could manage to do that.
For the nova launcher you can export your settings on the storage and google backup can save some of your personal customizations.

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The apps that can be used are limited . There was one available that worked great on android 7.1.1 but only if rooted . Obviously this is not a option .

thanx for all the responses…i took 3 hours time off from work and did it this afternoon…is more important than work… :smile: :wink: all is setup again

if you have alot of watchfaces copy the clockskin folder over to a pc as it takes ages redownloading and installing