Competition Time again - 2018 WORLD CUP watch faces :) One of our main

Competition Time again - 2018 WORLD CUP watch faces :slight_smile:

One of our main sponsors - KingWear - are offering you a chance to win a KW68 smart watch or a KW99 or KW98.
Winners will get the choice to accept the brand new KW68 watch if they don’t mind waiting for around 8 weeks until it is released, or a KW99 or KW98 watch if they don’t want to wait.
Details of the watch are added to this post along with competition rules and information.
The dead line for submission is the 10th of June, when 2 winners will be chosen.
Participants will need to submit 5 watch faces in the theme of the 2018 World Cup.
Please email just the pictures only of your competition faces to with the subject line “World Cup Competition” in the email.
If you are successful you will need to provide the full watch faces and these will be owned by KingWear for them to use as they wish.

Please keep this competition related only - unrelated posts will be removed.

KingWear & RoundAndroidSmartwatches Community
World-Cup Campaign


Catch the World Cup trend to promote our brand and create some good World Cup watch-faces for our customers.

  1. Time: 30th May- 10th June

  2. Participants:
    Members/users from the RoundAndroidSmartwatches community & fans of KingWear

  3. Publicity Platform:
    RoundAndroidSmartwatches community KingWear SNS Social Platform


  1. Participants need to create no less than 5 watch-faces with the theme of the World Cup to participate the campaign.

  2. Participants need to hand in their work before 6pm 10th June to KingWear using this address

  3. KingWear will have the right to own successful participants watch-faces.

  4. 2 winners will be picked on 10th June according to the quality of their work.

  5. Prizes will be delivered to the two winners 15 days after the campaign is finished. (The time of arrival is subject to the carrier company and choice of prize watch)

  6. All rights reserved to KingWear in collaboration with the RASC community

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

@RASC_Moderators Stock Launcher watchfaces only?

@Cerebral_Flex i’m afraid yes. No background animation allowed…:grinning:

@Eric_Crochemore yes - thanks Eric :slight_smile:

Is it really “no less than 5 watch faces”? Isn’t it “at most 5 watch faces”? It seems odd such a large number of minimum watch faces and no maximum, but the rules are the rules :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Yes. 5 faces- After that I’ll feel like a hooker…

@Marco_Ferreira @G1NT0N1C lol, yeah it is a bit misleading. Sorry I was in a rush after a long day at work.
It’s basically each person who enters the competition needs to make 5 faces related to the world cup.
They can be different countries team flags or whatever you feel like as long as it’s related to the 2018 world cup.
This is why I have asked for the watch face pictures only to be submitted.
Once the two winners are chosen, the complete watch face zip files can be given.

So to win the prize it will require 5 different faces for a stock launcher (not X series launcher) in the theme of the 2018 World Cup. It does seem like 5 faces is a lot but I guess it is a fairly expensive watch.

Submitted to by the 10th June. Pictures only until the winners are chosen.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is it possible to integrate offical images ( FIFA Logo or mascot) in the watchfaces?

Yes - I think that should be fine.
I will confirm for you @Jorg_Hessinger

@Jorg_Hessinger yes - it’s fine :slight_smile:
But they have to be original creations - not copied from other faces …

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 OK, thanks for the info

@Alex_Sadov try this one:

@G1NT0N1C Thank you! I did it already.

Only 4 proposals received for the moment, hurry up you still have your chance to win !!

@Alex_Sadov welcome back old friend :slight_smile: sorry for the typo with the email address… I wrote it in a rush and I have corrected the last comment where I made the mistake.
My bad :frowning:
I think I will tidy up the thread to keep it competition related and not about who might enter it or not. Keeps the focus on the competition.
Some excellent work so far. Great work guys :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Do not mention about typo. This thing happened.
By the way, I submitted on the competition two sets by five skins already.