Community Rules : This is an ENGLISH SPEAKING community.

Community Rules:

This is an ENGLISH SPEAKING community.
This community is for sharing and the creation of custom faces for round Android smartwatches. This means that *nothing here is for Android Wear, nothing here for square smartwatches.

The content in this community is free. We openly encourage the creative abilities of our members and host their work. It is not appropriate to ask for donations for creations that are hosted here and we will ask any links for payment or donations to members to be removed. It is not in the spirit of this community for members to ask for personal donations. Members can have donation links on their G+ page - of course - but not on the community posts.
Donations given to the community as an organisation are used to further enhance the community and it’s related forums for the benefit of our members. Strict records of this activity are kept and these can be made available on request - if warranted.

1- Respect contributors. They are doing this for free with the occasional donation from users, and are not obligated to serve our every demand. If you ask for a design or any help without saying please and thankyou you will be reminded in the first instance. If you persist to show bad manners you will be removed from the community.

2- Respect fellow members and the community. Insulting members and moderators will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

3- Moderators word is law. If a moderator makes decision and posts it as a friendly suggestion, they are being nice. It is not an invite for discussion or an option. Ignoring this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

4- Respect copyrights and trademarks. You MUST credit the original maker in your post and provide a link to their work on their website when possible. In short, if you are not the original creator you have to provide links and credits. If a port of a Wear face is made and it is from a website that clearly states no one can use or copy that work - a request to the original designer is needed.

5- Regarding faces (requested or made) based on real watches (A.K.A “homages”). Give us the name of the watch and watchmaker, tag the watchmaker in the post when possible, and provide a link to their official site or page for the watch. This not only promotes their work, but lets them know that an homage was posted in case they have an issue with it.

6- Face packs containing multiple faces are banned unless they contain 100% original works by the person posting the face pack.

7- Before you post, read the FAQs. In all likelihood, your question has already been answered.

8- Work with the contributors when troubleshooting an issue. Let them know what the issue is, what you have tried to fix it, and any other important information. “Stuff don’t work” type posts with little to no information will be deleted.

9- Face porting requests require a link to the original face, not just an image of the face. This is so those filling requests do not have to hunt down the original to their post complies with community rules.

10- No spam, no shills. This is an immediate 1st offense ban.

11- How to get banned:

Violate any of the above rules two times and you are gone. Other than that, have fun, make jokes, share and enjoy.

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