Colored steaks on watch face

was out riding my bike had stop few times to check time and messages. The last time I check my watch there was colored steaks running thru it. Thought maybe it got hot took it off and placed in my pocket to cool got home same thing and same thing this morning,any ideas whats going on?I

Hi . Can you post a picture of this please


Okay thanks . Firstly try a full factory reset and let me know if the problem is still there

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Didnt help

Wouldn’t have anything to do with being in the sun most of the day?

Shouldnt do , has it got wet at all ? Sweat maybe . Open the sim slot and look , also are the camera lenses both clear . Thanks

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I would try to store the off watch in a bag of rice for 2 days. There is a possibility that moisture ingress is the problem. To do this, open the SIM tray.


I would i know if water damage? If it did was just sweat

Yes, I suspect sweat could have caused the problem.

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hope it is love this watch

I say your right there Andy! :+1: Even a water resistant wrist watch is susceptible to sweat if it has had a battery replacement and not been pressure tested again. So the sim doors on these watches would be a very likely sweat entry point. Good tip about checking the camera lens for moisture, never thought of that! Cheers, Doons

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Ok guys pull the watch out of the rice did factory reset and the steaks are still there, what am I looking at now?

Wouldnt think I could get that much sweat in it

Assuming in was in the rice 48hrs in a sealed bag with sim cover off ?

The last thing you can try is flashing the firmware

If this doesnt work and is a hardware issue you will need to contact jason .


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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu is right. Flashing the Firmware is the last option. If it doesn’t work, you have to talk to Jason.

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Do I do this on the watch or pc?

Hi . Make sure watch is fully charged and turned off . You flash your watch while connected to pc ( not Mac )

This might be anove me afraid would screw it up.

It’s not so hard. Follow the video step by step. We will lead you if have any problems.