Coca-Cola Neon Sign

Found a nice neon coke sign and decided to make a watch face from that…has unusual tics in the shape of a cartoon coke bottle upside down…Enjoy


Cartoon Coke Bottle…


Credits - Coca-Cola, neon sign, & Coke Bottle

Dropbox Link - Coca-Cola Neon Sign


I collect…or used to collect!..Coca Cola cards…so this one is going on the Kospet! Looks great :+1: :+1:…sort of like looking at an old Milk Bar sign! Cheers, "What the hell is a “Milk Bar”? :woozy_face: :rofl:, Doons

if you search for old coca cola ads or metal sign ads, you will see this one as a ad that they did run back in the day…its just they made it into a neon sign to put in a man cave or such and thats what got me to do the watch face

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The fact that I found a cartoon coke bottle and was able to used it as the tics on the watch is funny